Win a Golf Day with Wendel Clark in Muskoka


  • Domenic Figliano  – Country Club
  • Janice Clost – Eagle Creek
  • Heather Dopfer-Pedersen – RattleSnake Point
  • Andrew Fleming – Country Club
  • Adam Lattanzio – Bond Head
  • Dererk Truba – RattleSnake Point


On the morning of August 15, six lucky Members will take off from Pearson Airport in a private helicopter provided by our friends at NovaJet. You will then meet up with Wendel at Rocky Crest Golf Club for your round of golf. Following golf, enjoy lunch with Wendel and then it’s back in the chopper as you head to The Lake Joseph Club for another nine-holes on the Academy Course. Then it’s back to Toronto on the NovaJet chopper.

Available in all ClubLink golf shops, or online, “Bleeding Blue” looks to be one of those perfect gifts for the hockey families in ClubLink.

Funny, fierce, and gritty, “Bleeding Blue” recounts every struggle and success of Wendel Clark’s rough-and-tumble journey to becoming one of hockey’s greatest heroes.

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